All Female Rockin' Band!

"Karmic Tattoo has learned how to walk the fine line
between pleasing 
an audience and maintaining artistic integrity." 
Beach Scene - Jan 21- Feb 3, 2010 by Tiffany Razzano

KT's Story:


Karmic Tattoo™(KT) consists of Lisa Noe, Pam Green and Amy Black. 

This all female band focuses their creative musical writing from life experiences with lyrics and music that reach beyond the periphery of one's emotions. Their goal is to express all aspects of life through their music reaching down to a persons inner soul. 
Whether playing their originals or playing songs from the 60's to current, KT's fans state: "Their music is sublime yet powerful & captures a playful but intimate feminine rock" and "KT not only makes people want to get up and dance by their performance, their music feeds your soul & mind''.
With KT's blend of sultry vocals, passionate guitar leads & rhythmic drum sounds, KT leaves a musical mark that is more than skin deep... it's a 'Karmic Tattoo'.
All three  band members sing lead and backup vocals. While Lisa and Pam are very versatile and comfortable interchanging instruments & lead vocals, Amy keeps the pulse of the party going with her mad drumming skills on the Zendrum. A 'Zendrum' is basically a drum that straps on like a guitar! Or as Amy says "A drumset on a stick". Pam adds diverse sounds on an electronic hand percussion machine, called Handsonic, adding a little extra kick to a song. Each band member has studied in the field of music, education and performance.
Hailing from the Tampa Bay area in Florida, KT has a strong fan following.
KT fans are something to behold...awesome and passionate! Fans say they leave 'rejuvenated and empowered'. KT has a strong Tampa Bay fan base as well as fans that come from as far North in the Homosassa Springs, the Orlando area and as far South as Ft Myers. 

KT's latest all-original album, 'More Than Skin Deep', covers emotions that range from joy to passion and sadness to sorrow but always leaves a powerful impression.
Karmic Tattoo's 'More Than Skin Deep' CD release party was held on June, 2011 at Ferg's Sports Bar in St Petersburg, Florida and was a huge success!

Being that life always brings new lessons and new adventures, the KT girls continue their passionate journey to compose new songs. Stay tuned for their next CD! 

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